With all the activity in your life, it doesn't seem like there is much time to prepare for tomorrow. Whatever your status - single, married, parent - or your age, you need to take time to make the proper arrangements so your dreams can come true. Working together, we can design a sound program that will help you build a beautiful future for yourself and your family.

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Spotlight On MICON's Services & Resources

College Planning

If we live, it may be possible to pay for college or vocational expenses either out of current income or by borrowing. However, if we die, the money will have to come from somewhere else. In view of this, families set up a fund to help provide the money in the event of a wage earner’s death. Learn More»

What Is A Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) ®?

A Certified Senior Advisor is a professional who has received a comprehensive education in the health, financial, and social issues facing seniors. CSA candidates must pass a challenging national exam to prove their knowledge of the issues affecting seniors. Learn More»

Senior Resource: Westland Services Corporation

As part of the "End-of Life" Planning Process, I have found that "personalized long-term beautification and maintenance of the family gravesite" is extremely important to many of my senior clients and their families. Learn More»